When I go by the book

Zeus went to the Olympus, a siren springs from the sea
She sees a man at seaside and hurried enquiered
-My dear, please, love a night?
-My dear, please, alive me with your life?
That man talks with your voice of strong knight, and said,
my love is in this field, my beloved is in this field, my life in this field,
we never could love each other nor live together Dear Siren,
you must search in your sea,
that's the law of God whatever yours mine have said so...
-My dear, please, forget God and love me under the the light of Venus
-My dear, please, forget Wife and amuse me with your kisses,
enlight me with your soul
that man talks again and says: yours is the will of love me this night,
mine is the will to love all this life..
that night a comet brighted in the skyes, Zeus went to your World and talked
To everybody in the sea:
our world is life to us and perish to other,
our world is life to us and perish to other.