It always happens ( tomorrow is not with you yet )

There's a time that an old man told a child he must to say the world in the right moment of your life, neither before nor after, only in that moment.
Time with your watch hands even with its new lights runs so fast, that child became a man and that word still remained in your soul.
The Heart asked to The Soul a sunny winter day how it had been, and it was not an answer at all.
That day it seems  the soul was away in love, without even know that Heart beat so slow, heavy, so sad, without a news about what's going on with Soul; maybe it's lost, maybe in the flames of the inferno, maybe in the winds of the sky, perhaps in the jungle fighting with a tiger, or Will it be forgotten I have a time ? Request Heart to yourself, to God, to all the Saint, to the Faith, to everybody around him.
Hurt of death, Heart closed its eyes, decided to surrender to Dark Night, to something that He never thought it gona happen that day, with anguish, with great regret close your eyes...