In the City of the Ghosts (Chain of Responsability and Exceptions)

Why to progress in this investigation we have to deal with so many practices ? Enquired himself Detective Man and another question arose in your mind: Why it is being suggested that we have to deal with Responsabilities ?
There were no answer at all. At that moment Man thought that without an answer your brain could burn itself, and he did not want to think of it anymore, he was surprisingly vanished.
Step out that noisy street toward a Library and specifically a book, the master of he in this case. When he discovered the pattern of those mates working by their own he could take apart every piece of this case. First one, they need to handle a problem, and whoever that come in with a problem, there was no specification that one determinated mate has to deal with that specific request. That behavior had woke up Man. It seemed at a glance like a gang where no one have a defined field to work with, but all of them can be requested to manage any problem....