In the City of the Ghosts (Lambda and Connected Speech: part one)

It seems that when Detective Man discovered a connection between lambda functions and linguistic, arose in his world a new light, far away, but too strong to leave it alone.
To start Man had to revise fenomena of connected speech, and found rhythm, linking, assimilation and elition. Decided to order its "light", Man thought clearly to start with rhythm. A long time ago he wrote about harmonic serie and to improve his understanding of the sounds and maths at once was not a bad idea.
It happens that this language has its obvious differences with others, then when we get into the language itself, we find a new level, something like a skyscapper we have to walk down stair, every level a serie of rooms, and we find at connected speech level that room "rhythms" has according to some scientists a pattern to see: a stress-timed rhythm. After long research it was discovered that context and other variables disagree with a stress-timed rhythm language in an stric form. On the othe hand, compared to harmonic serie, He found that in an inverse way to what harmonic serie does Rhythms does too. In example, if we get a phrase where the first stressed syllabes are every two, then we found every three, the next occurence of the stress will be every four syllabus. Harmonic serie, starts in one (1), to follow 1/2, 1/4 and so forth. It happens, the relation, but no to a level that could make we say it is an abs(true). Maths are universal, language is personal.
Discarded the first, decided to follow with the next and find forever the connection of "reduce while keeping the meaning"....