In the City of the Ghosts (Lambda and Connected Speech: part two)

And so follow Detective Agender its walking, this time prefer start by the end, linking. It was simple to link some letters to some projects of derailers of persons. Thanks God by contacting his friend long away by calling them to state facts, he decided for the beauty, either by will and by reality, therefore he follows with his research.
It resulted the r letter was fundamental here, and found that impossible but real listening to "ger out" become reality with linking, well known as intrusive r; however there was the only intrusive no yet listed in the book, Why ? A sense disability, a confusion like "mind the gap" could make him lost its identity, at this moment to enquiere his teacher was not possible. Thought of other friends, like those of magic realism, specifically the Russian one, brutus and brutus to make people get aknowledged of what is to do, and what is not to do wherever he steps: known nothing of English language; the maths specialist: flying; The poet: ?$%&##.
Folllowing with linking and after he found several scientists saying "it is not abs(true)", prefers turn the radio on. It was singing a old song: Dirty Dancing...