In the City of the Ghosts (Why Command does not callback ?)

This time Detective Man, need to explain Why someone does not callback after being called ? It was simple to do, a simple call back and all would be most simple to understand.
There was not too much material to help in this needed answer and Man had to upside down the library to get that. When he found this knowledge, enlighted your life, whistling under that all blue cosmopolitan sky, decided to go for that pretentious and old-styleshed Command to say how easy was to he discover his fault.
Arrived six o'clock, and say in Command face: you had to be an object, you had to behave like a object, that's why when you was requested there was not response, I tell you something more said Man to that Command when street lights as they were a team of football all once in the same moment behind the same mission, you're just one, you need to queue request, and do one job, then the following and so on. It matchs perfect with my explanation of your crime...