La Conspiración del Candelabro Rojo (Dimitri got dimissed)

It happened Dimitri was redy to expose your best discovering, a real creating of the art of research, when a lovely and shortly message dismissed his presentation. In the rush of the journey Dimitri considered to change your activities, move away, close forever a chapter of your life that just collected skin marks and tragedies, craps and weird people. When he was to write his letter of salutation, rang the bell, appears a nice brunette. She did not considered to change color in his hair not at as a symbol of your religion, the zen one adopted long time ago, she was a really sample of beauty and elegance, a nature one. In this case Dimitri really got loved.
While the voices of the rain talked the roof
The voices of the silence screamed to the sky:
Leave the sky to God, and the rain to roofs,