In the City of the Ghosts (Rays of Hate's case)

Detective Drill detected an undoubtful survillance over your office, it seems the Rays of Hate's case "touched" some interest. Thought carefully about possible threatens and weaknesses, in short, He did a SWOT of the situation given the real fact of this people: they are able to go beyond of the limits of legal, the rational, and with Virgen of the Death they got used to begging in behalf of things got worse than better: to become ghosts. The unexplicable will of the insane to achive what is not a pleasure  but a nightmare at your eyes. How to make understand this people Hate is not a good way, They have to change the way, nothing to discuss about the rays, them unfortunately become impossible to stop, and tragedy  arise as it were the greek literature.
How to make they understand it ? A  big question Detective Drill wanted to know right now.