In the City of the Ghosts ( We have to do a FMECA ? )

A really nice sunny morning thought Detective Drill a minutes ago before to found on your desk a new case, the order was clear do it A.S.A.P. otherwise we gona fail. There existed a minimal idea of what it was about, A FMECA would be a medical test ? The answer came by computer a couple of second after he sought it.
Sitting in your armchair Drill was really atonished about what he found out about it. Why a FMECA or we gona fail thought deeply your brain. He got used to keep everything on the strictness was taught, why right now his boss could leave him a case like that, and such an affirmation.
When decided to dive into this material, and he note down every risk, causes, effects, severity levels and so forth, discovered soon why we gone fail as his boss wrote him...