In the City of the Ghosts (Alongside the Time)

It resulted that Detective Drill left the job for a while after an agreement with his boss who denied him to leave the Department so easily and in such a fast way.
That decision let Drill starts a travel alongside the Time. That travel started when Drill got on the train of the ten o'clock, in that historic moment, he turn his head back and waved his hand to nobody, as if he were in the mass of people one more to said bye to some next, in this case it was no one waiting in the station for your departure.
While all the figures were taking name and form soon in the morning of the next day, Drill took a glance to a nice chapel where a white flag standing in the top of the building seemed to be speaking to the wind, it seemed to be saying "alongside the time I had been seeing you every day, but today we are differents, we had changed"...