In the City of the Ghosts (Stressed schwa)

When Detective Drill left his office, feel deep in your soul the reality of the question, even so he had to follow the prlocedures of the case. Started soon in the next morning filling some papers, thanks God now we had computers said Drill to your fellow. It seemed Markus, did not think so, it was a second and his keyboard jumped on his desk.
Well thougth Drill that morning where perfrumes of the near park invaded their office annuncing spring with no color to their eyes, despite it there were no doubt that place motivated.
How to know the real meaning of the word car with schwa stressed, there were no rational idea, it is no one around the word would say about with its schwa stressed, but what about "a bout". Markus, his fellow and even his boss found out that it was not an crazy idea but the reality, the man was attacked for other that were fighting in false when they really want to attack the one that scream...