In the City of the Ghosts (A morning of )

After Glory, a friend of Detective Drill irrumped in his life like storm, sat down in the sofa and talked clearly to Drill and whoever wanted to listen to her as she said beliving that there was another in Drill's life, Detective Drill did not doubt at all what Glory wanted that morning.
It resulted that Glory requested more time for her, tired of being in second position after the job of Drill, she screamd all that morning to be tired, upset and for her surprise as shes said, a job was more exciting that her, inmediatly Drill stopped her speech and told her clearly and loudy: there is no possibility to change a job for a woman nor a woman for a job, then gave her a lesson on jeauslyness.
Later in the day, when Glory woke up found that Drill was there, no one even a job took her place. No one could be replaced there was no sense to think something like that. As Drill talked before: you unique...