In the City of the Dreams (A night when someone could not sleep)

At a glance the scenary seemed original, but it was not, it was an scenary, as it were a theatre someone spent at least a couple of hours to leave that picture Detective Drill coped when he arrived to that crime scene.
Thinking of get into the maker mind, Drill got on that space and started to walked slowly around the place. First one, a apple without a bit perhaps a symbol, He deduced the maker thought about the slim figure of the girl. Second one, two glasses of white wine and the bottle almost full on the table.
Like a dream of love, Drill deduced too something more, that night needed to be impressive for that girl or for that man, for both maybe, after all there was not news about where they were. At last, a new discovering of one of the forensic team sparked an idea on Drill's brain, if there was still there two cells, why would they did not change the label of that case from kidnapping to love's affair.