In the City of the Dreams (A ship named Progress)

Detective Drill got undoubtfully certain at your first sight: connections. Then, on the warmed space of your office realized that perhaps it was not connection alone, but what about some nature mixed with mischeviousness added to connectiones galore.
On one hand he had a paranoic point of view clearly pushed by a group, another group and so forth. On the other hand, the nature, What kind of nature did that person find in her way ? Did the word always played his rol, or just dismissed as a way to resolve the whatever conflict involved them in the crime Drill thought hard to resolve- an Angel watching Drill's brain could say fracking hard as it were an oil hole.
Clearly several patterns of crimes were at scene, then Who was the question ? Someone without orginal ideas tried to stole it ? Someone with a weird pathology mixed in the group and still there ? Someone with skills to block a person's speech ? None of them or all of them. At stake an idea, Drill considered it was a ship hard and tought to fight, very tough as it were a blade of iron...recalled Freud's lessons on Culture.