In the Country of the Dreams (Is it a dream ? )

Detective Drill used to go boxing when he was a teen, your new mate seemed to be right now a boxing star. Drill very fast thougth about boxing and the art of discovering the clues and resolving a crime, he found nothing.
He always was a master at thinking, too fast and very smart, invented a connection to make your mate feel as in house. So the case that they were researching with one only witness was the excuse to make it. It was a robbery that resulted in a very ungry citizen accusing the police departament to be idiot and, thanks God and the priest of the city, this man was stopped but considered to accuse them and the Virgen Mary too, of robbery. Things of the ire.
It resulted that Drill link the "don´t expect training" secret with the do not expect every case will be the same. -No my friend- Said Drill to Max, it is like boxing, every fight is a new world, every day no one will go for you, you have to go for, He said "you have to" again to Max, it is not a "you must to"...