From Planton-Aristoteles duet to the Knowledge Management I - Del duo Aristoteles-Platón hasta la Administración del Conocimiento I

There is no contract between a known thing or a thing to know and the act of to know about it.
We can say that there was a theory from Aristoteles that talked about the knowledge itself, it is the science of the knowledge, it is about how we adquiere knowledge. Kant arose with a theory where this matter get approached from a perspective where everything has a relation with life's essense against Aristoteles's view that talk about forms and objects. These points of view are the beginning of the Knowledge Science, and there is in this matter another two items: the knowledge of onself and the knowledge of the universe.
Now, we can advance oen more step, a little more about the travel we are doing, the adqusition of knowledge, it has four steps:
-The Subject that knows
-The Object known
-The operation of To Know
-The results about To Know
In this travel appeared many scientists that made their idea one more start. There was one that mix the racionalism and the empirism and really it gave the Artistoles' and Platon's antagony.
Next step, three levels of knowledge: Concept, Senses, Holistic.