In the City of the Ghosts ( Is Jung talking about God ? )

It was not a dared day when Detective Drill was commisioned to discover the case of the Jung and God. Max, his partner directly got shiviring when read about it.
How many day would Drill detect so big misunderstanding ? Would it be again a reason of conflicts between investigators ? Never knew the past came and go, so the future said Drill to Max, then he said too: remember mate, this case have a long history, something like a long evolution. Max got sick that day and left Drill to continue himself the case. The Chief directly denied him a possible new partner without even the request of Drill. Detective Drill had not got another point to touch than the Church. Then he asked God's representative to gave him a answer, as he requested to that priest he said we are not to discuss your are the one the give an answer, just the answer please said Drill.
When that priest listened to Drill enquiring about that man named Jung said that God is the responsabile of any answer, but that it did not mean that God become responsabile of someone fail, and something more said the Priest, when failed, it iis not possible to fail again in the same mistake. 

That evening, was Drill back in his office, after he sat down in his armchair and wrote to leave on your desk a resolution to this case, and it appeared his boss to resolve this weird case by telling him: put it in a folder labeled "Work in progress", that´s he was doing...