In the City of the Ghosts ( Drill before the philosophy )

Nowadays everybody knows about Platon and all the troupe that get into the definition of philosophy. So Detective Drill, a little square about the matter, suddenly was before them, and his face wrinkled so his voice disappeared, yes, he was not able to said a miserable word nor a letter. No idea about it, as if the marcian were asking him about a shop to buy sweets.
After this nervous moment he passed when talking to his boss, he awaked and spoke loudly to his boss telling to him -Yes, my chief, it is very important science to study but I am very interested in my job. So, his boss awoke him again by saying him he was talking about Platon the dog they had in guard after being discovered its owner hurted and moved to the local hospital where there was not interest to keep the pet.
Anyway the case was to discover how that man crashed five o'clock in the morning against something that seemed to be originally another car. It was not people inside that almost destroyed car, now the one that drove the pet's owner wad to seriously damaged. What had happened was a question that Drill asked himself all the day.
A couple of proofs, no drugs, no people, perfect. Mechanic according the car gargage attended it, street lights ok, just wating to wake up the driver to enquiere What did happen ?