In the City of the Ghosts (Detective Drill has a case)

When Detective Drill reads that note on your desk, it was really impressed by that relate. And it was the question of the day: Does it mean we have to find a solution ? None the presents dared to say Yes. What kind of case is that where you need to rebuild a body is gone, yes, it was gone. Disappeared by the night a person and no one hit the real answer everybody were trying to get about that case. Where is She ? How did"he" take her ? It was a voluntary disappearance ? So many questions, so many hipothesys, no one answer. As he got used to getting the worse and more difficult cases, with a really important and no to avoid fame of discovering that kind of crimes. Drill this time just dared shyly to say his boss: no my friend, there is not solution to it. She´s gone. Drill wished to find a responsible and "enquire" politely where could be found that woman. He really wished.