In the City of the Ghosts ( Webber ? )

There were discussions about it. One´s question was Would be Webber talking like that ? Drill´s boss was one of who disagree with such a point of view. It was an argument where people talk to each other about a news that say Webber considered bureaucrats doing whatsoever, but what they need to do: set away people from violence and close them to love, well a meaning of love that match with platonic love, with progress, with zero disease, with social peace, with passion in nice ways.
Detective Drill was commisioned to discover if Frank Webber was the alma mater of that news. With a little  of his poor intelligence about politicts affairs, Drill glanced the dictionary and found out that Webber was one, and Weber another. Then, he explained everybody, news was mistaken in a letter, it was not Frank Webber, a British F1 pilot, it was Max Weber, a german scientist, who lights the neurons of the politics.