The City of the Ghosts (Thirteen angels stolen and the ache)

There was not one angel in that chapel, just their basement, Detective
Drill thought fast, and thought fast again. He did not get a bit of an
idea despite to think fast. No possible someone dared to steal
thirteen angels, Why could someone do that ? Enquired himself Drill about that sordide view he had in front of your eyes.
It needs to be a catholic soul, otherwise someone that lost his or her
religion, it could be a gang too. There were not blueprint anywhere.
The priest went another city to ask after an old lady, the madam in
charge of the chapel was still crying for the lost, the lost of thirteen figures.
Could be just one Detective enough to discover such a crime ? That was
the question the priest made to the Chief by phone. Drills's boss was
simple, very simple: My friend take care of the church and leave us
the angels and the saints.