In the City of the Ghosts (Deactivated for modernization I ? )

Detective Drill have been working in the Police departament for more than 20 years. He got the idea to make a party and join everybody althought his shyness pointed him about such a event.
That morning Drill arrived his desk without hurry just thinking about his new case, specifically which new case, everyday less crimes, unbelive me said Drill to the porter. He always talk with the officer covering that position for a while: the weather, the city, the news. 
In his desk a surprise: a letter requiring t deallocate his desk as well as informing him the new order of deactivate him as well as some fo your partner for something knows as revamp the police departament of the city, and retire old people one of the step to achieve a better service. 
Deactivate him, that´s said the letter and subtle also said you an old man. Maybe the lack of crimes were seen as the result of his job, perhaps one of the modernizer did not see in profession that knowledge is not to acquire in a shop by taking a bag with a banner of ready-to-use, perhaps.