In the City of the Ghosts ( An electrician please !! )

It seemed Detective Drill wait for a new assignment after being deactivated from your position. Meanwhile Drill had the big idea to build himself a house-size power plant. After seeing the increment in the invoice and the sad decrerment of your salary he thought it is necessary.
Jumped to the electric world, decided firmly to broke down your natural resistence to learn about it. How the hell I am gona to do it talked to himself. The watts, volts and amps left he a little confused, so asked to his old friend by the phone. That man, on the other side fo the line, listened to Drill and asked him to think about a river, and said: the volume are the amps, the voltage will the pressure and the watts the power that volts per amps create. Then, to finish, made remember to Drill that electricity is not mathematics.